Kurs – Corporate Internationalization

Corporate Internationalization (Course in English)

Teachers: Vice President at Kongsberg Digital Pedro Alcântara (guest lecture) and Professor Kjell A. Eliassen
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The opening of new branches and subsidiaries abroad, either to access new markets or to establish operational sites, encompasses a complex process of analysis, modelling and forecasting of areas such as business development, political risks, macroeconomics, security, commercial, financial performance, legal, compliance, ESG, people and organization, among others.

In order to ensure a balanced assessment of the most important topics concerning a specific market entry, multi-national companies often direct an internationalization program, enabling a 360 degrees overview of risks and opportunities related to a potential presence in international markets.

This course will present the foundation on how to design and execute an internationalization program, with an approach on highlighting general tools that can be used across industries to identify appropriate strategies on how to expand via internationalization.

Våre forelesere:

Kjell A. Eliassen, Professor
Gjesteforeleser Pedro Alcantara, Vice President at Kongsberg Digital

Kursansvarlig: Kjell A. Eliassen
Format: Samling
Kursstart: Etter avtale
Lengde: 12 timer
Pris: kr 2 500

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